Sony PMW F5 Camera Package


Sony F5 A small and efficient camera package that produces beautiful images. The Sony F5 has an impressive Super 35mm chip, with 14 stops of dynamic range, 10- bit color and is able to shoot up to 180fps. It is excellent for low light applications, with a native ISO of 2000. The camera body weighs under 5lbs, with a very ergonomic design that makes it ideal for handheld work. It can shoot in the Sony S- log color space, which allows flexibility and control in color correction. On set monitoring can be done using custom LUTs that give an accurate preview of the final look without baking it in. With the AXS-R5 recorder, the F5 can record 4k RAW images as well.

The gear I own has everything necessary for simple productions: camera body, tripod, still Nikon lenses and basic accessories. This package is small and light and travels well, and delivers high quality images for an economical price. I have shot documentaries, music videos, sketch comedies and even a short film with nothing but this gear. For projects requiring higher production value, the F5 camera is fully compatible with all professional cinema lenses and accessories. With the AXS-R5 recorder, it can record 16 bit 4K RAW images that take full advantage of what the sensor can do.